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You don't need to come to me, I come to you. In order to get the best feel I need to see the space, I need to see you in your kitchen and I need to measure the exact dimensions. Creativity comes from knowing the space, knowing what works for you and understanding what the kitchen is used for.

The consultation will help me understand your needs and wants. It will allow me to give you the best solutions to your questions and problems.

I attend to most consultations on Saturdays but may be able to some during the week, or even in the evening.

It is best to book a consultation using this form, You can call, but I may not be able to answer, I don't answer while driving and when I am on a ladder, or when busy with a consultation, which coincidentally are the most common times for my phone to ring. I return every missed call, but if you don't leave a message and I call back a business number I have no idea who to ask for, This also happens a lot.

If you don't like the idea of sending an email, a Whatsapp to 076 934 3640 will also do the trick or even sending a message from my facebook page, but do leave all the contact details so that I can plan better.

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