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Why Dust Factory

Dust Factory is a one craftsman business, I do not drop teams on site and go to the pub

  • You get me. I do everything myself including the sandpapering and cleaning the floor.
  • Quality is more important than a cheap price. You will enjoy a great piece of furniture long after you have forgotten what it cost you

For a unique kitchen, bedroom or a piece of furniture that will become an heirloom, you are where you need to be.

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Dust Factory Pretoria does woodwork in Pretoria East From Waterkloof to Bronkhorstspruit and the Montana area. Services offered include bespoke woodwork, custom furniture, dream kitchens and built in cupboards.


This page is all about the services I offer in a general sense, Look on the pages about BIC's, Kitchens, Furniture and Custom wood work if you want specifics and detail. It's all good and worth a proper read.... or just spend some time ogling the pics.

3D Kitchen Design Pretoria

Kitchen Renovations

I offer a kitchen renovation service in the East and North of Pretoria. I work in solid wood, Supawood, Melamine and other board products. Kitchen renovations can be as simple as a reface, respray or replacement. I make my own supawood and solid wood doors, I can offer hand painted, spraypainted and other quality finishes. Your idea, my creation, your experience. 3D design done for all kitchen renovation projects so that you can get a better sense of what to expect.

I specialise in the unusual, the ideas you saw online can be built to give you a unique project for a unique you.

Why replace, reface!

I am a fan of reusing that which is good. If your kitchen needs pimping, rather than a full remodel, I am happy to look at projects that reuse that which is good and replaces that which is not. I have been known to redesign and move units, adding what is neccessary and rebuilding what can be. Most often a reface changes doors and tops, but when I find a damaged unit, most commonly the sink unit I replace that. If the structure is good, reface.
3D Kitchen renovation Pretoria

Replacement Units

Kitchen Counter Tops Pretoria
Sometimes a kitchen is beyond repair, respraying and refacing may not be an option, allow me to do a free 3D plan for your new kitchen. I also manufacture specialised units like corner drawers, kitchen units designed for people with special needs. I build kitchens to suit great cooks and those that love entertaining, also for those that need a space to reheat take aways.

Built in Cupboards

I offer storage solutions from the bedroom to the study and garage. Built in cupboards can be simple or they can have more than just shelving and hanging space. Call me to discuss the options and your needs.

Bedroom Cupboards

Hanging space, shelving, stairs, shoe storage, gun safes are all things I have had to take into account when planning bedroom built in cupboards. Using the same system I use to build built in cupboards I can add dressing tables, hidden storage for items you don't just want lying around on a shelf.
Built in Cupboard installation Pretoria
I build built-ins with solid wood, supawood, melamine and other board products. I do free 3D design and quotes for BICs.

Garage storage

Garage storage can be tricky adding in work benches, tool storage and more, your garage can look tidy just by putting all the junk behind closed doors, A Ill designed garage storage unit can allow you to sort out the camping gear, the bicycles, gardening stuff and even your hobby materials and junk.


Bathroom cabinets Pretoria
I repair and make custom cabinets for bathrooms, from basin units to medicine cabinets in painted and solid wood finishes.

Home offices

Your home office may be as simple as a cubbyhole in the corner of your lounge or dining room or a fully fitted study. I plan and design a space so that you can close up shop and go home at the end of the day.

Man Caves, Bars and More

A bar in the corner of the lounge or patio, let's look at the space in 3D and see what is going to work, a fully fitted man cave with bar and storage, absolutely no problem, you tell me what you want and I make it a reality.


I make, restore and repair solid wood furniture and antiques.

Furniture Making

Furniture maker Tshwane
Did you see an impossibly cute cabinet, table or another piece on Facebook, Pinterest or Whatsapp? Send me the pic and lets make it happen for you. Any solid wood, or board based furniture made to fit that space you have. Anything from the entrance hall to the back bedroom. If you want something special just ask.

Furniture repair

The most common item needing repair is a chair or table. I do NOT just screw stuff back together, I repair it back to the original specification. I take apart loose joints, replace dowels, re-glue and if needed make new components such as legs.

Veneered furniture is often beyond repair, I rarely find a solid wood piece that cannot be mended with a little patience and skill.

Antique restoration

Pretoria antique restoration
If I am working with good antiques I do not open the power tool cupboards to sand or plane, power tool marks on a hand made piece reduce it's value. Some antique furniture has little value, particularly pieces that Ire mass produced and everyone's Mother has one.

Good antique pieces need different treatment to mass produced pieces that Ire made on production lines using machines. The important part of restoration is to try and retain as much of the character of the piece, If a family heirloom was repaired badly in the 60's by Uncle Jack, that in my mind constitutes part of the tale. Some repairs should be retained,

A chair came to me that had the makers stamp from 1905, at some point someone in the family had used a threaded rod to try and fix the rickety. I put it back together with that threaded rod intact.

Some talk about patina, I talk about the tale. The cigarette burn on a dressing table is part of the tale. I may not know the story but someone back in the past was doing their thing and added a bit of character, it is not in my nature to want to destroy the history of the piece.

Custom Woodwork

Pretoria custom wood work Tshwane
I have made guest book tables for a wedding, candle lamps, chopping blocks, butchers blocks, chess tables, restaurant tables, even fitted a food trailer or two and built a coffin and refinished another, It was white and they wanted it pink. If it's wood I will do the job, in fact the more obscure and interesting, the more likely I am to want to do it.

I love playing with paint effects, mixing wood and creating something unique. If you want special talk to me.

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