All the people, some from long ago and some I still love

2019-02-20 14:43:21

The boys back in the time dinosaurs roamed the earthMemories are fleeting, Many memories just disappear and others get misremembered, I learned this when speaking to Mom about the things we remembered and we remembered them differently, Sometimes even misplacing the people along the way, I would remember something and Mom would say, “No, that was Chris not Jurie” This could be a work of fiction based in a reality that could be a figment of everyone’s imagination.

This blog will have some of the stories of my life, they are not in order, they are all in the right places though.

I am writing this for a few reasons, One is to try and understand myself better. People come into my life and then stay behind. Over the years I have made few friends, that are still kept in contact with. For some reason like my memories they stay in the past and are remembered on occasion but never visited or seen.

I was reminded of the adage that there are always three sides to a story, Yours, mine and the truth. Well this is mine and the truth, who knows?

I have few people in my life that are important to me, As you read my life stories, maybe you will understand me and know why friends are few, but those I have are important. I have people that I consider friends that I haven’t seen in years, I am going to talk about some here. If I left you off the list it doesn’t mean I don’t love you anymore, These are the main actors in my story, starting with the youngest generation.

Nikita was the first baby born to the McLaren boys, On the night of her birth we visited armed with a pile of soft toys. The excitement was palpable. I was the one to suggest her name because I loved the song, I thought the name was beautiful, Her Mom passed and Nikita came to live with Mom, baby sat by Mel and I. She is my own kid, the first to come into my heart, I was one of the first people to love this angel, but more about her later.

Jenny-May was next, I loved her from the time she was just a spot on a scan. She had me wrapped around that little pinky from the moment I caught her in the Johannesburg , I loved her first.

Monique was next, She was a beautiful little thing, We have never been close, life just kept us apart, but I would give a kidney for her or Amber Bonnie without a thought. Amber is Moniques baby sister born around the same time as Angus. Keith has four more children but them I know of rather than know sadly.

Angus the son I adore is next in line. This young man creates confusion from anger to pride, but loved all the more.

Moving on to my generation, Well there’s Rory. Rory has been the villain in many tales, but the most amazing person in others, You will meet Rory and like me you will wonder about the differences in temperament and choices that are made by people from the same background, Rory is the boy who could do no wrong. Mom had heard about middle child syndrome and this was never going to happen under her watch.

Keith is the baby, We’ll get to Keith in the tale, He is the boy that nearly never was. The boy that nearly died at birth.

The cousins, Geoffrey, Andrew and Fiona also play a part. There were other cousins but we rarely heard anything about them but we’ll talk about Dad later.

The Atherton boys Wayne “Punchy” and Raymond also played their part in the tale.

Melanie, my beloved wife has been there through thick and thin, Her brother John, and sister Jenny played their part

Toinette, Sanet, David, Peta, Hazel, Chris, Paul, Robin and a few others feature in a big way, There will be other bit players like Jason, Choppie, Oubaas and others.

Moving on to Mom and Dad, Aunty Pam, Uncle Iaen, Stafford, Darlene, June, Chris, Jurie, Uncle George, Uncle Ernie, Aunty Mary, Gretchen, Margie, Darryl, Warren, Gingging, Papa, Uncle Jimmy, Aunty Kit, Aunt Lizzy.

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