4 questions about Mamehlake High school shooting answered

2019-03-08 08:21:03

A video of the shooting at Mamehlake High School is going viral after being posted to Twitter today I read the comments and am absolutely in awe of the bravery and knowledge of the keyboard warriors. From the comments I see that the majority of people are on the Policeman doing the shootings side. But I have a prediction, this is going to turn into a mess and destroy the cop's life.

Much like Marikana, this event will take on a life of it's own and the aggressor will be the victim. It's all because people are ridiculously uninformed and stupid.

Mamehlake High School Shooting

From the video you can see the Mamehlake high school being attacked by the thug, He is throwing bricks at a window, The police arrive and the thug turns his attention to the police car throwing three bricks at it, From reports the first brick broke the window, the next two hit the officer. The Police driver that responded to the incident at Mamehlake High School, gets back in his car in an effort to remove his wounded partner from danger. The thug continues his attack chasing the reversing police vehicle.

The driver then makes the decision to turn the vehicle and get out, still thinking about his partners injuries, during the manouvre the partner falls out of the door opened by the thug, The partner at that point was incapacitated by the bricks to the head. The thug rushes down on the partner who tried to get up but was unable to because of the injuries sustained in the attack, The driver get's out and fires 3 shots to subdue the thug and protect the partner whose life was in obvious danger.

The video posted on Twitter by Yusuf Abramjee is more detailed than the one below.

Mamehlake High School Shooting: Were the cops badly trained?

A few comments were beyond stupid, some claimed that this video showed the cops as unprepared. They drove in without a plan. The situation the way I read it was that we had a lout throwing bricks at a school building, there was no reason to believe the thug would attack the vehicle, so they did the most logical thing, they drove up and were going to talk him down. The attack was immediate, vicious and unexpected. The officer attempted to remove his already wounded partner and was chased down by the attacker.

Mamehlake High School Shooting: Why no warning shot?

The next question that arose was, why no warning shots at the Mamahlake High School Shooting? The real question is why was there no warning brick? But silliness aside, Every fired bullet has to go somewhere. My cousin Iris was killed by a stray bullet while driving. It was determined that the pistol had been fired one and a half kilometers away, The gunman was never found. Firing a round into the air in a residential are is stupid, firing one in a school is even worse. The warning shot could have killed a learner, can you imagine the shit storm from that? Would you rather kill an innocent bystander than the thug causing the problem?

Mamehlake High School Shooting: Why not just one shot?

Remember the training question, Anyone trained to shoot at an aggressor, will never fire one shot, Most well trained gumnmen will do a double tap and some won't stop firing until the aggressor is down. People have been know to keep coming with as many as 27 bullets in them. An untrained gunman would have emptied his clip with the Adrenalin flowing in that situation.

Mamehlake High School Shooting: But he was only throwing bricks

The bricks can be considered a lethal weapon, people have been killed after being hit by just one stone, The shooters partner was already injured, The lesson here is don't take rocks to a gun fight. facts are that if you are throwing bricks at armed men, you are in a gun fight.

I could spend all day responding to stupid comments but those are the 4 most important questions that needed answering. I always find it incredible that those that have never been in a situation where they were in mortal danger are able to see things so clearly, are able to so concisely solve the problems, The best comment I saw was someone responding to a but he was only throwing bricks comment, with, Do you think, the police should have thrown roses at him, I want to credit the chap or chapess but couldn't find the tweet again.

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