Censorship, Political correctness and the narrative will des

2019-07-02 08:35:29

This morning a Washington Post article appeared on my twitter feed, It proclaimed that the Sri Lanka church bombings stoked far right anger in the west. Over the past few days I have seen Christians referred to as Easter worshippers, but not as Christians. The press also has not being referring to the victims of the attacks as Christians.

I am an Atheist. I don't care about your Gods and your demons and other fairy tale creatures. I do however suffer from humanity and the headline is one of the most inhumane things I have seen, I didn't read the article. It seems my anger at nutbags killing others because they have the wrong God is far right wing, according to the WaPo anyway.

The narrative seems to be more important than truth.

I grew up during apartheid. I served in the SADF not because I would have chosen to, but because it was my duty and besides if I didn't the consequences would have been worse. I could have joined the Popo, or the stasie blompotte, but that would have meant more time away from my real life.

The narrative was important then as well, censorship was a thing. I saw my first SCOPE at about 12 and learned that girls had stars on their titties. I lived on a farm as a kid and played with the laborers kids, we did klei lat, made clay oxen, built wire cars. A snuff box or a nugget polish tin was worth it's weight in gold.

I didn't know that we were not supposed to play together, nobody told me. I went to school and there were no black kids. They went to their own schools. When going back to visit Gran and Grandpa, I played with them again. They were my mates and like all the long forgotten friends from my early youth I don't remember their names. I lived in many different towns and went to 9 different schools.

I remember a kid called Choppie from Mariental, I don't know what his real name was and his surname is gone. As late as Standard 6 I had a girl friend her name was Cornelia, her surname long gone, so I don't feel guilty that I don't remember the names of my past, but I remember the great fun, the competition to build the best 18 wheeler.

Hey if we built 18 wheelers together at Airlie and you remember me, reach out, let's have a beer together, It's legal now.

Let's get back to the narrative and censorship. These are the evils, Political correctness is in the triumvirate. The narrative is the chief of these, back then the narrative was that black people wanted to kill white people, My Papa told me one day when I asked about this, that this wasn't really true, there were some bad black people, but his friend Andries who lived in the compound would be there side by side with him fighting off the bad ones.

Years later I was told by my Aunt Pam that she saw her father crying the night the Nats won back in 1948. Papa judged people by who they were not by their skin colour, according to an article I saw recently this made him a racist. The narrative is getting more and more crazy, the older I get.

Back in 92 when I was called a K boetie and was feuding with neighbours, friends and even some family members because I was on the Yes train, you know the election to kill apartheid because they had swallowed the narrative, hook line and sinker.

The narrative only gained strength because of censorship. Censorship kept the narrative going for a while, the lies gained traction, Was it Gohring that said tell a lie often enough and loud enough and it will become the truth. I don't know who came up with the genius plan of stifling the voices of the opposition and deplatformng them.

But deplatforming and censorship doesn't work. If you have a wound and you cover it and don't treat the symptoms of sepsis below the bandage, it will fester and the wound will become a bigger problem eventually it will grow bigger than the elastoplast, swell up and blow. The pus will out.

The treatment for a septic would is opening it up and bombarding it with muti. I had a hernia op that went septic. The surgeons did not close it up, They opened it up and we spent four months treating the wound, cleaning it and pulling out the pus, we dressed it 3 times a week. It slowly healed.

Censorship is stitching up the wound, hiding the sepsis and allowing it to fester.

The surgeon closing such a wound is the enemy of the patient.

The NATS learned that censoring the ANC didn't work. They went underground and the wound festered and grew. The Pus is still flowing across our land. The symptoms can be seen without looking to deeply.

Political correctness are the stitches used by the bad surgeon.

Making people seem like baddies because you disagree with them, making them self censor or even worse silencing them drives them underground, where the can foment, slowly adding new people to their cause. They are silencing me, what are they hiding? This is the kind of question that has power.

Madness is easily seen and easily ignored, People have been ignoring the village idiots for many years, they point, they laugh and yet the village idiot feels heard because he has a voice.

In South Africa and most of the world, the press doesn't ignore the true mad men, it celebrates them, but the silent majority, the sane and those that believe in rights for those madmen and the ones on the opposite side of the issues are denigrated. The ones that can see beyond the narrative are deplatformed and censored.

Alex Jones has been made a martyr, when if left to speak would soon be pointed at and laughed at. What are they hiding? Why do they want to silence him? Would Tommy Robinson be as popular?

Steve Hofmeyer was being ignored but then the Minister of Education took it upon herself to destroy the uppity white man. From what I have seen Steve has gained more support, Hell even I that have for years called him stupid and irresponsible have stood up and shown support, not because I agree with him, but because I know that driving him underground will make him the underdog, will make his support base grow.

If you are for deplatforming Steve or Julius and Andile, you are your own enemy, because you are adding fuel to the flames. You are denying treatment of the wound.

Just a note for those of you calling Steve and Ernst racists without supplying evidence, those that are suggesting that Ernst wants apartheid back, making up lies, you are no better than those fake news websites that make up stories about politicians, when the truth is enough to destroy them.

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