Maybe Babes Wodumo wanted to be beaten, some women do

2019-03-05 14:45:12

This whole Babes Wodum thing has got me thinking about Brenda. Brenda lived next door to me and was married to right cunt. He's get home and kick the shit out of her. The first time it happened after I moved, Brenda came and asked me for help. I called the Ambulance, her mother and tried to find a place for her and the kids.

The Ambulance arrived and it was the first time I was to hear the term frequent flyer in medical terms. Her Mother told me to fuck off, she was not interested, Eventually I convince Mom to come on over and fetch her grandkids. When she arrived I talked her into taking Brenda home from the hospital, Brenda swore it was over.

Not even a week later, I ran into Brenda in the corridor, she had moved home, Apparently he had promised never again and she believed him. A week later Brenda came over, Broke a glass coffee table and smeared blood all over the place, I helped, this time Mom said fuck off and not even what about yout likkle grandbabies helped. We found her a shelter.

A week later I saw her in the corridor again. A few days later she came to my door and I told her to fuck off, she didn't want my help, she was just going to come back. I called the Ambulance and told her to wait on the corner. Brenda was not the first battered woman I had dealings with and won't be the last unless I get really lucky.

The first was a lady that lived in the same block of flats as me in Hillbrow, I walked in on her beau panelbeating her in the lobby, I pulled him off and started slapping him around, only to be attacked by the mad cow. Over the years I have come to a few strange conclusions. If they stick around they want to have the shit kicked out of them on occassion.

It's simple, the first time a bloke lifts his hand, she should get the fuck out and never go back. The first time will not be the last. Maybe I can understand thinking the first time is an anomonaly and giving the cunt a second go, but going back after the second go is tantamount to permission for him to kick the crap out of her.

Back to Brenda, The shelter we had her at had a no contact policy. basically no one could phone the shelter and be told she was there, The only way the dipshit husband could find her was if she told him where she was. Her going back for the 56th time in 3 years leads me to believe getting moered turned her on and she wanted it.

I understand that babes has laid charges, but here is the thing I knew someone else that would lay charges when she was drunk and bleeding and by Saturday she would have withdrawn them, This happened week after week and no sense could be talked into her. She got lucky, she was killed in a car crash before she got to feel the pain of broken bones later in life. He got lucky she got killed before he beat her to death.

I am sympathetic the first time, the second less so but by the third time I stay right out of it.

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