Is Guy McLaren the brightest person in the known universe?

Guy's favourite people in the whole worldWisdom come with age I was told as a kid, I know this to be untrue, My Dad gained very little, he repeatedly made the same mistakes over and over and he died penniless. I inherited two pencil sketches and a couple of books and not so much inherited them, they seem to be with my stuff when he moved to a home and thereafter to hospice. I don't know what happened to his stuff, it just went missing.

I am over 50 and my wisdom hasn't arrived yet, Mybe the magic number is 60. Unlike my Dad I finish most of my projects. I do still start stuff and never finish it though, I get bored and move on, maybe I'll return to that and then that becomes something that gets in the way and then it never gets finished. Right now I have two paintings and a chest of drawers in danger of never being finished.

My skill is finding ways not to do stuff, My skill is learning lessons and finding causes when it's too late. I also tend to be ahead of the curve. We were making candles and taking them to markets and not selling them, only for candles to become a big thing two years later. I was right on the fringes of computers when PC's were just starting up. I resigned two weeks before the news of the sale of the system, I was instrumental in bringing to the attention of the big company, that bought the start up and gave everyone in the company shares and share options.

I started a web design business when no one was on the web yet, I bought a business four months before the biggest company it supplied closed their doors. I was a millinaire whan a million Rand meant something, but was broke just two years later. I am the one bloke who can tell you how not to do stuff. I am also the bloke who carried on lifting heavy shit after surgery and warnings not to do it.

I suspect I have answered the question, yet am not a dunce, I suffer from the intelligent persons problems, easily bored, common sense and I tend to disagree with the hoi polloi and the average man, because I think. I have earned a living from my wits and being willing to tackle tasks never tackled before. In the tale of the blind men, the one eyed man is king. On many occassions I have been the one eyed man and many others I have been the blind man.

Once again I am at a cross roads, For the last 8 years I have been working with my hands making stuff with wood. For health reasons I am forced to stop, OK before you have a cadenza, It's not the kind of health issue that will kill me this week, It's the kind that says don't lift heavy things. My skills are many and varied but the two that have brought me most success were the skills I learned in London and used to get most of my work in the wood business and the wood business.

It's been almost 3 years since I left Nelspruit and this morning I received yet another phone call from someone needing my services there. My marketing was just too good and I cannot trace the ads that people keep phoning me from. I have even asked them and the answer is invariably, I found your number on the internet. When they say once it's on the internet, it's there forever, they are not kidding.

This website is not about my business, If you want to know about that, I'll be posting the odd blog about things I am thinking about, so there will be some of that, but more about stuff that I find interesting like motorbikes, old cars, life, people, their foibles, some religious observations and just rants and bullshit.

Be warned I an uncouth SOB, and my thoughts differ from most other peoples, I find humour where others find offence, I do research and am very politically aware. My political leaning are left of right, right of left and can be put into no real boxes, There's a little minarchist a touch of libertarian, free speech absolutist and total disdain for isms.

I dislike feminazis, SJW's, race baiters, apologists equally. If you are easily offended, cannot handle adult discussion, believe in white privilge, have a victim mentality, there will be no trigger warnings, I can be a total cunt. You have been warned.

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This is my blog, if you are easily offended, don't like men, cars, motorbikes and animals, you will probably find some stuff you don't want to read. If you are looking for someone to design a good affordable web site, click here This blog may have articles of a business nature on it, but is not my business web site. I write and publish articles to get better results on other sites. My address is here because I don't hide behind anonymity, but don't just rock up unless you are a friend. I sometimes code shirtless, and sometimes I am not here, best you phone first

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